League of Legends Jungle Guide

Published on September 12 2017

Today I'll introduce you to some tips I actively employ when jungling. These aren't targeted to a specific ELO as I don't see junglers using these tips in my ELO either. I think this guide is for people who are finding it difficult to improve their jungling ability, or people who don't know where to start.

1. Remember you can keep a warding totem as your trinket up to level 9 - this is because you get Oracles Lens then. Go and buy pink wards as well as Smite Raptors for vision clear, as having as much visibility as possible in the jungle is such as help.

2. If you want to pressure a specific lane (you feel that lane combo will be weak), start from the opposite site of the jungle to that vulnerable lane. So for example, if you want to put pressure on Top Lane, start from bottom jungle and work your way up. This is so you will end up at that lane you want to put pressure on, after you've acquired gold and are a higher level - thus providing more value to that lane when you enter.

3. Pressure the lane with the best carry potential. Is there a Soraka/Ezreal combo bot lane? If so, don't focus bottom lane. Do you have a feeding mid? Don't focus this lane. This laner cannot be trusted to maintain the effort you put in, intead if there is a Nasus top for instance you want to help (especially early game). Especially in Nasus case, he will snowball mid to late game and dominate, which is worth the effort you put in. I don't mean you should abandon the other lanes, but it's important to know where your effort will be put to best use in order to win.

4. Get your laner with the best snowball potential fed (kills and minion kills). To add salt to the wound, you can tilt the enemy laner. Say you have Irelia top lane vs a Riven, you go and kill the Riven then push the lane to tower. The Riven will now be under pressure on that lane, so you know she'll teleport back - most top laners will do this even in the middle of a wave. Once she's back on lane, kill her again from the bush and push tower. Capitalize and abuse that lane, which will not only put pressure on their jungler to come and assist, but will also tilt their top laner which makes for worse gameplay.

After their jungler is out of their jungle, you could take their jungle then yours, and rinse and repeat top lane. I'd imagine by this stage in the game the lane would be taken care of, but the more pressure means the more resources needed by the enemy team to recover that lane.

5. If you're being counter ganked, you can leave a ward before you enter lane if you want to avoid 2v2 situation. This also helps if other laners teleport up to help, so having vision helps a lot.

6. Don't tax your laners more than you have to. If you gank a lane and get a kill, the laner will only get 150 gold which is one wave of minions. If you then take 2 minion waves, that's another 300 gold on top of that. Everything you take from a laner will directly impact their ability - remember you're there to assist not take over. Your section of that map is jungle, not on lane.

7. If the enemy jungler is bottom lane, go to his top side and clear it as you know he won't be there immediately. Make sure you ward up before you leave so you know when he returns. Once their enemy jungler comes back to topside jungle and sees his camps have been taken, his only option is to go bottom side and wait for camps or go on lane. When you see the enemy jungler return, you can signal to nearby lanes that he's near, therefore keeping you on step ahead. In a way, you're controling his actions, making his gameplay predictable.

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